the rabbit you held in your boy hands,
pressed to your chest to protect him
when bodies fall they crush what’s beneath
though you were so gentle

i saved the wedding portrait
where you two are forever
young and in each other’s arms
and you look so gentle

the porcelain cross over my bed
and the dreams of shattering glass
the things in our rooms so easily broke
when we could not be gentle

i only cried as a child
if the well in me was uncovered.
when blood had been drawn and i knew it as my own
i would cry gently

outside the rocks and the sticks
and the swing set and the bees
all made their threats and staked their claims
within my promise to be gentle


from A Flower You Would Like To Eat, released June 16, 2017


tags: rock pop New York


all rights reserved


Miserable chillers Brooklyn, New York

i want to be good / how did you come into your goodness?


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